Iran Vol.5 (neighbors)

The Battle for Bahrain: Iranian-Saudi Rivalry | Simon Mabon @MidEastPolicy
Bahrain FM: Confronting Iran is more important than Palestine (02/15/2019) | @MiddleEastMnt
Axis Rising: Iran’s Evolving Regional Strategy and Non-State Partnerships in the Middle East (w PDF; 10/11/2018) | Brian Katz @CSIS
Iran’s sophisticated interventions in Bahrain (04/09/2018) | DR. MAJID RAFIZADEH @arabnews
Iran and Bahrain: Ancient Ambitions, New Tactics (03/07/2018) | Dr. Doron Itzchakov @BESA_Center
Cutting ties with Iran : Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and Bahrain welcome Morocco’s decision: The United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are the first countries to support Morocco after it decided to cut diplomatic ties with Iran. Meanwhile, neighboring country Kuwait has not reacted to the situation yet. (02/05/2018) | @Yabiladi_en
Iran-Saudi Relations: the Foreign Policy of Sectarianism (09/14/2016) | Razmik Krikorian @isdp_sweden
Bahrain: Between Iran and Saudi Arabia in More Ways Than One: The Gulf island kingdom needs to strengthen its ties between the feuding neighbors if it is going to gain back traction as a financial center. (01/28/2016) | Jess Delaney @iimag
Bahrain and Sudan sever diplomatic ties with Iran (01/04/2016) | Jane Onyanga-Omara @USATODAY
Bahrain cuts diplomatic ties with Iran: Kingdom orders Iranian diplomats to leave the country within 48 hours, a day after Saudis severed relations with Tehran. (04/01/2016) | @AJEnglish
Iranian Claims to Bahrain: From Rhetoric to Interference (PDF; 2014) | Mitchell A. Belfer @UniversidadeUSC
Morocco cuts ties with Iran over Bahrain (03/07/2009) | Lamine Ghanmi @reuters
Iran’s Policy Confusion about Bahrain (06/03/2011) | Mehdi Khalaji @WashInstitute
Iran-Pakistan Relations in Light of Popular Uprising in Bahrain (04/26/2011) | Abolghasem Bayyenat @ForPolJournal
The Tiny Gulf State Beating Its Neighbors in Race for Warmer Ties With Israel: Relations are warming between Bahrain and Israel, but don’t expect full diplomatic ties anytime soon, say officials (07/01/2018) | Amir Tibon @haaretzcom
Arab Views of a Nuclear Iran: The Arab world is watching nuclear developments in Iran closely. The outcome could disrupt the Middle East’s balance of power or, worse, provoke a regional nuclear arms race. (04/20/2006) | Lionel Beehner @CFR_org
Bahrain: Unrest, Security, and U.S. Policy (PDF; 02/05/2019) | Congressional Research Service

Opinion // Gulf States Are Sabotaging Trump’s Campaign Against Iran – and Their Own Security: Recent attacks on shipping, blamed on Iran, expose the fragility of Gulf states’ security and economies. But their in-fighting could derail U.S. strategy on Iran – and fuel insecurity across the Mideast (05/17/2019) | Mary Beth Long and Sigurd Neubauer @haaretzcom
Iraq, Kuwait wary of effects of US-Iran tensions: Iraq is studying plans for alternative ways to export its oil should US-Iran escalations cut off oil exports through the Gulf. (23/06/2019) | @ArabWeekly
Kuwait emir in Iraq amid tension over suspected tanker attacks: Kuwait and Iraq call for ‘wisdom’ as Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Sabah’s visits Baghdad for the first time since 2012. (20/06/2019) | @AJEnglish
Kuwait and Iraq seek to defuse Iran crisis: The states depend of the Strait of Hormuz for their oil exports and vital oil revenue (20/06/2019) | Gerald Butt @PetroleumEcon
Kuwait refuses to budge as other Gulf nations abandon the Palestinian cause (21/02/2019) | GIORGIO CAFIERO @trtworld
Iran seeks to strengthen relations with neighbors: envoy (13/02/2019) | Nawara Fattahova @kuwaittimesnews
Kuwaitis Dislike Trump, but Favor the United States over Iran Despite Sectarian Mix (03/05/2019) | David Pollock @WashInstitute
Will Kuwait Survive Iran’s Experiment in the Middle East? (10/15/2018) | Mohammad S. Alzoubi @ The Herald Report
The Foreign Policy Implications of Kuwait’s Vision 2035: Closer Economic Ties with Iran and Iraq (06/04/2018) | Nader Habibi @iran_news
Kuwait’s careful balancing act with Iran, Saudi Arabia (05/24/2018) | Hamad H. Albloshi @AlMonitor
Kuwait continues Iran straddle after Trump decision (05/09/2018) | David R. Sands @WashTimes
Walking the Tightrope: Kuwaiti-Iranian Relations in the Aftermath of the Abdali Affair (10/08/2017) | Kristian Coates Ulrichsen @intpolicydigest
What do Kuwait-Iran tensions tell us about the Qatar crisis? (02/08/2017) | Maysam Behravesh @MiddleEastEye
Qatar and Kuwait’s relations with Iran (30/07/2017) | Abdulrahman al-Rashed Sunday @AlArabiya_Eng
Iran ambassador ordered to leave Kuwait over spy case (07/20/2017) | Sylvia Westall @reuters
Iran says ambassador to stay in Kuwait despite spat (07/25/2017) | Ava Homa @kurdistan24tv
Kuwait offers strategic dialogue between GCC and Iran (02/13/2017) | @TheEIU
Kuwait says relations with Iran are ‘excellent’(02/12/2014) | @TheNationalUAE
Kuwait and Iran: a fluctuating history – Cautious optimism, uncertainty persist in Arabian Gulf relations (06/01/2014) | Habib Toumi @gulf_news
Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait as Turning Point in Iran-Saudi Relationship (w PDF; 2011) | Reza Ekhtiari Amiri & Fakhreddin Soltani @ccsenet
Hijacking of Kuwaiti jet to Iran highlights strained relations between the two nations (04/06/1988) | Jim Muir @csmonitor
Kuwaiti Newspaper Implicates Azerbaijan in Israel’s Iran Operation: Fake News or Information Leak? (05/23/2018) | Rahim Rahimov @Russian_Council
Kuwait: Governance, Security, and U.S. Policy (PDF; 03/04/2019) | Congressional Research Service
U.S. Sanctions Unlikely to Sever Iran’s Economic Ties to Gulf Arab States: Despite U.S. sanctions, Iran, with the second-largest economy in the Middle East after Saudi Arabia, is likely to remain an integral economic actor for the Gulf Arab states. (11/14/2018) | Robert Mogielnicki and Brett Sudetic @GulfStatesInst
How U.S. Policy on Iran Got Stuck Between Saudi Arabia and Kuwait: To make Iran oil sanctions work better, the fields in the neutral zone must produce oil. They aren’t. (w Voice; 10/25/2018) | Javier Blas @bpolitics
… The neutral zone, spreading over 5,700 square kilometers – an area a bit smaller than Delaware – was created by a 1922 treaty between Kuwait and the fledgling Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In the 1970s the two nations agreed to divide the area and incorporate each half into their territory, although still sharing – and managing in common – the petroleum riches. The region contains two main oil fields: the onshore Al-Wafra and the offshore Khafji. The latter is now operated by a joint venture between the two countries’ state-owned oil companies. It was Al-Wafra where the disagreement began. …

Bitter Rivals: Iran and Saudi Arabia (w Videos & Transcripts; 02/20,27/2018) | @frontlinepbs
The GCC’s complicated affair with Iran (09/13/2017) | Andrew Bowen @AEI
ARAB ALLIES GATHER IN JORDAN, POTENTIAL SIGNAL TO ISRAEL AND IRAN: The meeting sought to build consensus among Arab states on regional security issues. (01/31/2019) | SETH J. FRANTZMAN @Jerusalem_Post
What is Saudi Agenda for ‘Emergence Summits’ on Iran? (05/23/2019) | Seth Frantzman @Jerusalem_Post @meforum
Saudis’ troubled ties in region threaten Trump’s anti-Iran agenda (05/09/2019) | Bruce Riedel @AlMonitor
Rebalancing U.S. Relations with the Saudis and Iran (04/13/2019) | Daniel Larison @amconmag
Saudi Arabia’s Plan to Lure Iraq From Iran (04/10/2019) | NADER HABIBI and OMID SHOKRI KALEHSAR @ACIranSource
Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the Failure of America’s Middle East Policy (03/06/2019) | Johannes Lang @HarvardPolitics
The Near East: Iran’s Interregional Dynamics (w PDF; 03/01/2019) | @PacCouncil
The Cold War between Iran and the Arab World (01/25/2019) | KOUROSH ZIABARI and NADER HASHEMI @myfairobserver
Saudi Arabia and Iran: Beyond Conflict and Coexistence? (PDF; 08/2018) | @LSEMiddleEast
Roles and International Behaviour: Saudi-Iranian Rivalry in Bahrain’s and Yemen’s Arab Spring (PDF; 2018) | Luiza Gimenez Cerioli @RedeSciELO
Saudi Arabia and Iran: The Struggle to Shape the Middle East (w PDF; 11/12/2018) | Dr Simon Mabon @FPCThinkTank
Iran Is Watching Silently As The Khashoggi Killing Tests US?Saudi Relations: “Why would they get in the way when their adversary is committing an own goal of epic proportions?” (10/29/2018) | Mike Giglio @BuzzFeedNews
The US-Saudi relationship must be preserved – our national interest demands it (10/16/2018) | Jim Hanson @FoxNews
Iran’s president signals ‘good ties’ possible with Saudi Arabia: The Iranian president has urged Saudi Arabia to end its war in Yemen and sever alleged ties with Israel to improve relations with the Islamic republic. Iran and Saudi Arabia have witnessed relations nosedive since 2016. (10/12/2017) | @dwnews
For better, for worse: The West often reduces the strained relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia to the sectarian Sunni-Shia conflict, but the reality is far more complex. (28/02/2017) | Joseph Croitoru @QantaraEN
Saudi-Iranian cold war: stirring up sectarian hostilities (11/17/2016) | @Med_Affairs
Saudi Arabia Or Iran In US Strategy (06/19/2018) | Russell A. Berman @HooverInst
Keeping Iran and Saudi Arabia From War (05/30/2016) | @ForeignAffairs
Saudi-Iranian Rapprochement? The Incentives and the Obstacles (03/17/2014) | F. Gregory Gause @BrookingsFP
Saudi Arabia and Iran don’t like each other in real life – so what happens at OPEC meetings? (12/06/2018) | Holly Ellyatt @CNBC–how-are-they-at-opec.html
How Effective is Saudi Arabia’s ‘Counter-Iran Policy’ (04/07/2018) | Hassan Ahmadian @BelferCenter
Tensions in Iran-Saudi Relations and Future Prospects (10/06/2016) | @ISSIslamabad
Saudi Arabia’s Master Plan Against ISIS, Assad and Iran in Syria (02/16/2016) | Nawaf Obaid @BelferCenter
The United States and the Issue of Iran-Saudi Arabia Rivalry (01/20/2016) | SOHAIL MAHMOOD @E_IR
Timeline of Iran-Saudi Relations (01/05/2016) | @IslamistsComing
Iran and Saudi Arabia: Posturing and Reality (01/04/2016) | George Friedman @GPFutures
The troubled history of Iran-Saudi relations, explained (01/04/2016) | @thomsonreuters
Malaysia’s Relations with Saudi Arabia and Iran: Juggling the Interests (01/10/2018) | Mohd Fauzi Abu-Hussin, Asmady Idris, Mohd Afandi Salleh @ Contemporary Review of the Middle East
Iran and the U.S.-Saudi Relationship (w Video; 02/01/2012) | Paul B. Stares (Interviewer) and F. Gregory Gause III (Interviewee) @CFR_org
Iran-Saudi Relations: Rising Tensions and Growing Rivalry: New dynamics in the Middle East are defining a new chapter in Iran-Saudi relations. (08/06/2010) | Richard Javad Heydarian @FPIF
Saudi Arabia-Iran Foreign Relations (07/20/2010) | Will Fulton @criticalthreats
Saudi-Iranian Relations Since the Fall of Saddam: Rivalry, Cooperation, and Implications for U.S. Policy (w PDF; 2009) | Frederic Wehrey, Theodore W. Karasik, Alireza Nader, Jeremy Ghez, Lydia Hansell, Robert A. Guffey @RANDCorporation

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